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So pleased to announce - June 2013 all of my eBooks (40+) now available at:

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Dancing Pig Media Ltd

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Review by: C.J. Schmidt, Smashwords, on 15 Sep 12. Devil in the Detail:

If you could only read one of Clive Gilson's short stories this would be the one. His stories, even when loosely based on Anderson or brothers Grimm, are truly imaginative and always leave me wishing for more. Thank you for the free read!

New stuff...

Why is almost everything here free?

I've thought long and hard about this... and the conclusion I've come to is that it's all about presence.

Despite some years of success in competition and with magazines and online publishers, I've still got a pile of rejections from the mainstream industry. My stories and books have good reviews and have received positive editorial for years now, all of which leads me to think that our industry is a little screwed at the moment.

So, rather than flog a dead horse I've decided to go online, to resurrect good old Dickensian serialisation, and to make my stories absolutely free across as many platforms and sites as I can. By concentrating on creating presence and by building a download audience, I'll find a way to make a living out of all this imagination and graft.

You can, of course, still buy print versions of my books... just check out the books page.