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Dog Tails

Animal Tales



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This volume, Dog Tails, is a collection of tales from around the world where our canine friends take centre stage. Apart from the obvious love that we have for dogs (we have two rescued greyhounds in our family), I think that there are a number of compelling reasons for putting this small collection together.
Dogs are widely recognized and loved animals across different cultures and societies. Including them in folk tales makes these stories relatable to people from various backgrounds.


The Coin-Sith

In the misty glens of the Scottish Highlands, nestled among ancient forests and winding rivers, there dwelled a mystical creature known as the Coin-Sith, or Fairy Dog. It was said to be a creature of great beauty and mystery, with fur as soft as moonlight and eyes that sparkled like stars.

Legend had it that the Coin-Sith was a guardian of the faerie realm, watching over the enchanted forests and guiding lost travellers back to safety. But for those who dared to cross its path, the Coin-Sith could be both friend and foe, offering blessings to those who showed kindness and bringing misfortune to those who dared to harm it.

Among the villagers who lived near the edge of the forest was a young girl named Elsie. She had heard tales of the Coin-Sith since she was a child, but she had never encountered the creature herself. Curious and adventurous by nature, Elsie longed to catch a glimpse of the elusive faerie dog and uncover the secrets of the enchanted forest.

One moonlit night, as the mist hung low and the stars twinkled overhead, Elsie ventured into the forest alone, her heart pounding with excitement. She wandered deeper and deeper into the woods, following the faint sound of a haunting melody that seemed to float on the night air.

As she wandered deeper into the forest, Elsie stumbled upon a clearing bathed in moonlight, and there, standing before her, was the Coin-Sith. The creature was even more magnificent than she had imagined, its fur shimmering in the moonlight and its eyes filled with an otherworldly wisdom.

For a moment, Elsie stood transfixed, unable to tear her eyes away from the creature before her. But then, summoning her courage, she stepped forward and reached out to touch the faerie dog's soft fur.

[To her surprise, the Coin-Sith nuzzled her hand, its touch gentle and reassuring. In that moment, Elsie felt a deep connection with the mystical creature, as if they shared a bond that transcended time and space.

From that day forth, Elsie and the Coin-Sith became unlikely companions, exploring the enchanted forest together and unravelling its many mysteries. With the faerie dog by her side, Elsie discovered hidden glens and secret pathways that she had never known existed, and she felt a sense of wonder and awe unlike anything she had ever
experienced before.

But as she grew older, Elsie began to realize that her time in the enchanted forest was drawing to a close. It was time for her to return to the village and fulfil her responsibilities as a member of her community.

With a heavy heart, Elsie bid farewell to the Coin-Sith, knowing that she would never forget the magical adventures they had shared together. And though she returned to the village as a grown woman, her spirit remained forever intertwined with the enchanted forest and the mystical creature known as the Coin-Sith.

And so, the legend of the faerie dog lived on in the hearts of the villagers, a testament to the power of friendship, adventure, and the enduring magic of the Scottish Highlands.

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