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Tales From The world's Firesides

“There is no friend as loyal as a book” - Ernest Hemingway

A grand project...

  • Tales From The World's Firesides is a grand project. I've collected over ten thousand traditional texts as part of other projects. Many of the original texts are available through channels like Project Gutenberg, but some of the eighteenth and nineteenth century narratives can be hard to read for modern readers, & so the Fireside project was born.


  • Put simply, I collect, collate & adapt traditional tales from around the world & publish them as a modern archive. Many of these tales are known, but the majority by far remain largely untold and forgotten by mainstream readerships. My intention with these collections is to present these often forgotten tales anew before they are either lost entirely or lay in darkness,  unloved for too long a time.

  • You can buy all of these books directly from most good online bookstores around the world, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other local retailers.

  • You can also order these books from your local bricks and mortar bookseller using the ISBN numbers listed in each title description.

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Tales From Western Europe

Beth Gellert
The Death Bree
Fior Usga
Cobbler And The Devil
The White Inn

Tales From Northern Europe

Goodman Axehaft
Birth of Wainamoinen
The Baby
The Fox As Herdsman
The Fox And The Cat

Tales From SOUthern Europe

Icarus And Daedalus
The Snake's Boudoir

Tales From Eastern Europe

The Enchanted Knife
The Devil And The Red Cap
The Dead Pool

Tales From North america