Tales From The World's Firesides is a grand project. I've collected ‘000’s of traditional texts as part of other projects. Many of the original texts are available through channels like Project Gutenberg, but some of the narratives can be hard to read by modern readers, & so the Fireside project was born.


Put simply, I collect, collate & adapt traditional tales from around the world & publish them as a modern archive.

Part 1 - Europe, consists of various titles covering a host of nations & regions. I'm not laying any claim to insight or specialist knowledge, but these collections are born out of my love of storytelling & I hope that you'll share my affection for traditional tales, myths & legends.

The British Isles

Scandinavia & The North

  • Tales From The Lands of Snow & Ice

  • Tales From The Viking Isles

  • Tales From The Forest Lands (Finland)

  • Tales From The Old Norse

France, Germany, Spain, Portugal & Italy

  • Tales From Gallia (France)

  • Tales From Germania (Germany)

  • Tales From The Land Of Rabbits (Spain & Portugal)

  • Tales Told By Bulls & Wolves (Italy)

Greece, The Balkans & The East

  • Tales Of Fire & Bronze (Greece)

  • Tales Told By The Samodivi (Balkans)

  • Tales From The Land Of The Strigoi (Romania)

  • Tales Told By The Wind Mother (Magyar)