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The Fox And The Cat
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Tales From Germania, as with the collection of stories from France, Tales From Gallia, concentrates on those lesser known stories from the Brothers Grimm alongside other collectors such as Andrew Lang, Margaret Arndt and Logan Marshall. I also found some interesting but unattributed tales to add to the mix.

Although the stories told by the brothers and Andrew Lang have become old and familiar friends, I have to say that the stories told by Margaret Arndt have been an absolute delight to read. They are as fresh and light and compelling now as ever they were when first written. Discovering Margaret’s story-telling genius has been a highlight of the summer so far.

Clive Gilson

You can buy Tales From Germania from most good online bookstores such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

You can also order Tales From Germania from your local retail booksellers such as Waterstones (UK) using these ISBN's:

Paperback: 978-1-913500-19-1

Hard Cover: 978-1-913500-97-9

eBook: 978-1-913500-66-5

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