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These are full length podcast recordings of stories written over the last couple of decades. These stories appear in my collections, The Mechanic's Curse and The Insomniac Booth.

The quality of the recordings is a little mixed as I managed to lose the original project files, so have had to dig out the odd decade old MP3 copy on the internet and go from there. They are, though, not too bad...

The Politician's New Speech
00:00 / 18:35

Loosely based on The Emperor's New Clothes, this was a response to Tony Blair's infamous Iraq dossier...

Fancy and the Flutter
00:00 / 19:43

A wee story about love, lust and ballroom dancing found unexpectedly in the supermarket aisles one wet and miserable November day...

The Marchese's Gift
00:00 / 32:35

A little Gothic Horror - based on some time that I spent in Rethymno, Crete after my wife's death in 2010. The two events and the story are not linked...

The Beast Within
00:00 / 18:44

After my late wife's death I found it difficult to write for some months. This was the first piece that seemed to hang together once I got back into some sort of groove...

The Mechanic's Curse
00:00 / 34:09

Be careful with your dreams and remember - you always have a choice...

Sound FX attributions under Creative Commons licensing via

  • 14353__texasmusicforge__feta4.mp3

  • 163586__leandros-ntounis__cicadas-euboea-greece.wav

  • 242773__phonzz__angelic-pad-loop.wav

  • 560146__waxsocks__revelation-and-awe.mp3

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