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Tales From The Land Of Dragons

Tales From The Land Of Dragons

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A Welsh Folk and Fairy Tale collection called Tales From The Land Of Dragons


This volume, Tales from the Land of Dragons, is the first in a set of collections covering the whole of the British Isles. This volume concentrates on the glorious traditions of storytelling that flows like gushing streams upon Welsh hills, mountains and valleys.


These titles will grow over coming years to tell lost and forgotten tales from every continent, and even then, I’ll just be scratching the surface of the world’s lore and love. That’s the great gift in storytelling. Since the first of our ancestors sat around in a cave, contemplating an ape’s place in the world, we have, as a species, told each other stories of magic and cunning and caution and love.


When I began to read through tales from the Celts, tales from Indonesia, tales from Africa and the Far East, tales from everywhere, one of the things that struck me clearly was just how similar are our roots. We share characters and characteristics. The nature of these tales is so similar underneath the local camouflage. Human beings clearly share a storytelling heritage so much deeper than the world that we see superficially as always having been just as it is now.


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