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Tales From The Land Of the Strigoi

Tales From The Land Of the Strigoi

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A collection of folk and fairy tales from Romania called Tales From The Land Of the Strigoi.


This volume, Tales From The Land Of the Strigoi covers stories originating in Romania. It is said that a particular feature of Romanian culture is the relationship between folklore and classical education and the arts. This is, in part, attributed to the rural character of Romanian life that has produced an exceptionally vital and creative traditional culture. Romanian folklore tales were the main literary genre until the 18th century, being a source of inspiration for writers and a traditional way of framing storytelling.


Strong folk traditions have survived to this day due to that same rural character of Romanian communities. Romania's rich folk traditions have been nourished by many sources, some of which predate the Roman occupation.


The adaptations in this book come from the nineteenth century tradition of translation and interpretation from a variety collectors and collections. These include tales from Andrew Lang’s Fairy Books, translations of older tales by Lucy Byng in Roumanian Stories, tales collected by Mite Kremnitz in Roumanian Fairy Tales, and Carmen Sylva’s (the then Queen of Romania), Legends from River & Mountain. Truth be told these are some of the most engaging stories that I’ve read for a long time. That tradition, that vitality, really shines through in these traditional tales.


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