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Tales From The Viking Isles

Tales From The Viking Isles

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A Scandinavian Folk and Fairy Tale collection called Tales From The Viking Isles


This volume, Tales from the Viking Isles is part of a set of collections covering the Scandinavian story-telling tradition. Continuing the theme of stories from northern lands, this volume concentrates on the Sagas of from Viking isles, such as Iceland and The Faroe Isles.


These forms are also known as family sagas, and were often told by the “skald” bards. For the most part these sagas take the form of prose narratives and are mostly based on historical events that took place in the 9th, 10th, and early 11th centuries. Many of these sagas are focused on history, especially genealogical and family history, and reflect the struggle and conflict that arose within the societies of the early generations of Island settlers.


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