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Tales Told By Balebos And Gusan

Tales Told By Balebos And Gusan

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Folklore, fairy tales, myths and legends from the Jewish and Armenian traditions.


This volume, Tales Told By Balebos And Gusan, is the third in a set of collections covering indigenous tales from what we know now as The Middle East. Tales Told By Balebos And Gusan traces the arc of storytelling across countries that we are familiar with such as Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. In particular, this volume also reaches into the ancient Armenian tradition of storytelling, which is an absolute delight.


The title of this collection is based on the Yiddish and Armenian words for storyteller. A Yiddish storyteller is often referred to as a balebos, which roughly translates to "master of the house" or "head of the household" in Yiddish. This term is used to denote someone who is skilled at telling stories, particularly within the context of Jewish culture and tradition. In Yiddish-speaking communities, storytelling has long been a cherished tradition, with balebosim passing down tales of folklore, history, and morality from one generation to the next. These storytellers play a vital role in preserving and transmitting the rich oral heritage of Yiddish-speaking communities.


In Armenian culture, a storyteller is often referred to as a gusan (գուսան) or gusano (գուսանո), which translates to "bard" or "minstrel." The gusan tradition is deeply rooted in Armenian history and folklore, with storytellers playing a significant role in preserving and transmitting Armenian oral traditions, epic poems, historical narratives, and folk tales. These storytellers are revered for their ability to captivate audiences with their tales, often accompanied by musical instruments such as the duduk or the kamancha. They serve as custodians of Armenian cultural heritage, passing down stories from generation to generation and embodying the spirit of Armenian identity and resilience.


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