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Tales Told By The Kathaakaar - FolkTales and Legends from India

Tales Told By The Kathaakaar - FolkTales and Legends from India

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Folk Tales and Legends from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh


This volume, Tales Told By The Kathaakaar, is the first in a set of collections covering indigenous tales from what we in Europe know now as Central and Southern Asia, an area that actually covers a whole host of nations and storytelling traditions. Tales Told By The Kathaakaar collects together a group of generic Indian tales. I hope to delve a little more deeply into regional Indian storytelling in future collections.


I’ve long wanted to put this collection together. Having spent time in the western states of India, I have a basic sense of the depth of history and culture of the region. Historical study also shows us how Indian culture has flourished for many thousands of years. For me that depth is reflected in the fact that Indian folklore encompasses a wide range of themes, including mythology, religion, history, morality, and cultural traditions. The stories in this collection often reflect the rich tapestry of Indian society and its many diverse cultures, languages, and regions.


Many Indian folk tales and legends are imbued with moral and ethical lessons designed to impart wisdom and guidance to listeners. These stories often feature characters who must navigate complex moral dilemmas and make choices that reflect virtues such as honesty, kindness, and humility.


Indian folk tales and legends also play a significant role in preserving and transmitting that cultural heritage. They reflect the values, beliefs, customs, and traditions of Indian society, serving as a window into the collective identity of its people. While there are obvious regional and cultural differences across India, it is the case that a fair proportion of Indian folklore is heavily influenced by Hindu mythology, with many stories featuring gods, goddesses, demons, and mythical creatures. These tales often explore the cosmic battles between good and evil, the nature of karma, and the cyclical nature of existence.


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