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The Incredible Shrinking Bogey Bear

The Incredible Shrinking Bogey Bear

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The first rays of sunshine poked their bright little fingers around the curtains in Morgan’s bedroom. She yawned once and snuffled before she opened her eyes. Morgan squinted at the clock on her bedside table. The time was eight-fifteen. Morgan opened her eyes wide in shock. She was going to be late for school.


Morgan sat bolt upright in the bed and yanked the duvet back. She could feel her heart racing in her chest. Then, as suddenly as the panic had struck, Morgan realised that it was Saturday, which, of course, meant no school. She sank back onto the bed and rested her head on the pillow. It was far too early to be awake, she told herself, and she closed her eyes again.


There was a slight movement underneath the duvet, right next to where Morgan was laying down. If she really listened hard she could hear the faint whine of tiny motors like a robot in a science fiction film. A shape started to crawl up the bed, the alien lump under the covers moving ever closer to Morgan’s head. From underneath the duvet she could hear the odd faint grunt. Morgan rolled over onto her side and sleepily lifted the duvet cover.


“Good morning, Bogey”, she mumbled, and she reached down and picked up a bright green teddy bear. Morgan hugged the bear, snuggling him into the soft skin and hair at her neck. Amazingly, the teddy bear nuzzled down into Morgan’s warm embrace without anyone’s help. Morgan smiled contentedly to herself as she listened to the sound of tiny electric motors whirring as the little green bear moved about the bed.

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