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"Unless a reviewer has the courage to give you unqualified praise, I say ignore the bastard."

John Steinbeck

Ragged A**** Ruffian reviewed on Amazon in the United Kingdom on 27 January 2021 - A truly heartwarming, interesting, story with a wonderful narrative. Unquestionably a splendid read

A few comments from past editors:

(Rob Swan & Lorna Howarth)

A Solitude of Stars: With deft turns of phrase and an imagination that would make Philip K. Dick jealous, Gilson foresees a dystopian future, the seeds of which are definitely being sown right now. The story is a chilling glimpse of what may come to pass, warmed by a thread of love that raises the narrative beyond despair. I found the stories disturbing and breath-taking in equal measure. The Apparat and Dirigiste tribes are ranging across our solar system seeking peace by waging war, raising the question: is humanity actually capable of peace? A riveting read.

I have edited Clive Gilson’s books for over a decade now – he’s prolific and can turn his hand to many genres. poetry, short fiction, contemporary novels, folklore and science fiction – and the common theme is that none of them ever fails to take my breath away. There’s something in each story that is either memorably poignant, hauntingly unnerving or sidesplittingly funny.

A few comments from past readers:

  • Songs of Bliss is a real page turner, a real thriller. I’ve finished the book and very much enjoyed it. I think you have written a really good first novel – you have a great turn of phrase: “The jogging-bottom girls are done up to the nines” - which often made me smile and occasionally, laugh out loud. Always a good sign. Lorna Howarth, Editor of Resurgence

  • I like stories where the hero is flawed and Billy certainly fills that bill. His flaws are what make him human and sympathetic, though, so it works well here. Love the dialogue. Makes this a good read. Burgio, commenting on Authonomy

  • Great opening paragraph is followed by some wonderful touching prose. This is a fantastic piece of work and I would happily buy a copy of this. Carl Ashmore, commenting on Authonomy

  • Absorbed in this from the first lines. Intelligent writing and thoughtful attention to the characters and plot make this a highly recommended read Margaret Antony, commenting on Authonomy


  • This has a very professional touch. I think your characters and the humour they bring to this are phenomenal. This is very cleverly and intelligently structured and layered, the succession of acts is so good. I – REALLY – LIKE – THIS – BOOK. Famlavan, commenting on Authonomy


  • Songs of Bliss gripped me from the start - I had to read right to the end. Loved the humour. Impressed by the surprising empathy that I felt for rather - on the face of it - unlikeable characters. Look forward to seeing it in print. Maighdean-Mhara, commenting on Authonomy


  • This is the whole package.....I love the cover and was intrigued by the title. Fantastic work. Tim Hawken, commenting on Authonomy

  • Review by: Bob Craton on Smashwords of A Question of Spin: This is delightful. Instead of spinning straw to gold, a modern day Rumpelstiltskin spins 'official government papers so the public can read them but not really understand them.' I love good sarcastic humor and this has it.

  • Reviews by: C.J. Schmidt on Smashwords:

    • The Mobile Phone: Wonderful short story! Can't wait to read more from this very talented writer. Thanks for the ... read!

    • The Television Bride: Interesting unique short story, paralleling real life in a way. Kind of a weird twist at the end. 

    • This Song is for You: Heartbreaking tale of love, loss, madness and murder. Wonderful short story. 

    • The Faithful Gardener: Awesome short story!

    • The Assistant Shop Manager: Great funny short story! This is one ending I never saw coming (pun intended!) 

    • Terry's Amazing Shin Pads: Good story, a fun tale with a sad though predictable ending.


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I just wanted to thank you once more for your help acquiring this beautiful collection. It’s found a new home at the top of my library. I’ve already stumbled onto some wonderful stories in a couple of the collections, and I can’t wait to get more. Have a wonderful holiday and a great new year...

Richer Daniel Laporte
California, December 2021

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