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These are the main projects that I will be working on as we get into 2022... 

What's coming up next?
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Elephant & Frog  is the 5th book in the African folklore series, part of the grand project that is Tales From The World's Firesides. Most of the stories for this volume have been compiled now and a few have already been edited and adapted. I'm hoping to complete this volume for publication in January 2022.


Once the African folklore set is completed for now with Elephant & Lion I'll be spending most of 2022 on new fiction, and Shayde (another working title) is one of those pieces of brand new fiction. 

When I say brand new, I should say that the story has existed in my head for nearly 20 years in varying forms, and I've recently started mapping out those day-dream tales into something more concrete. I'm very excited by the prospect of actually getting down to the work on Shayde during 2022.

Solitude #2

Cry Havoc is a series of linked science fiction short stories. The first volume, A Solitude of Stars, appeared in late 2018, and the second volume in the series is A Symphony of Sorrows. I tend to work on these on a looser basis than when working on a novel, and about a third of the stories for Symphony are written. I'll be fitting these in around the other work and I hope to have Symphony ready for publication by the end of 2022 or early in 2023.

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