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Dog Tails - Folk Tales, Myths And Legends From around the world featuring our canine playmates.

You can order all of my books as eBooks (EPUB) directly from me at a discount rate compared to most digital retailers. Simply select the button below to view my online shop.



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The Fireside Tales Project

  • ​I’ve drawn heavily on traditional folk and fairy tales for years, amassing a collection of many 000's of these tales from around the world.

  • It has been one of my long-standing ambitions to gather these stories together to create a library of tales that otherwise might be lost or forgotten.

My original Fiction & Poetry

  • I have written, on and off, for most of my adult life, having contributed to magazines and newspapers, as well as writing fiction.

  • I have had 2 novels, 2 collections of short stories, a biography and a collection of award winning poetry published over the last 15 years.

  • Following this link will take you to my fictional work, to videos, and to more background information.

My Non-fiction Work

This image shows the cover of the book, Ragged Arsed Ruffian

Cup finals, a business rollercoaster, love, loss and laughter - a memoir by a former professional football player, who plied his trade in the 1950s and 1960s, before embarking on a business career just as rife with promotions, championships and relegations. This is Les Gilson's story.

Behind The Scenes

  • Behind the Scenes lifts the lid on some key aspects of creative writing, book production and publication.

  • Based on my own experience and hard won lessons, I delve into topics like characterisation, pace, structure, creative thinking and the like - all in short, snappy videos designed to offer a little help to other writers.

About Me

This image shows author and editor Clive Gilson standing by a Scottish loch with his dog, Mel

Find out a little more about me, some of the projects that I've worked on and other vaguely interesting topics... especially the dogs...

The Other Stuff...

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