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Stack of Lined Notebooks

Behind the Scenes

Hints and tips on the craft of writing:

The short videos in this section are pieces that I have featured in my YouTube and Facebook channels. These videos dive a little more deeply into the craft and the practice of writing, offering a few tips and tricks that I've learned (usually the hard way) through the last 20 years or so. I hope they prove useful or at least prompt a little more research, and that they help you with your creative projects.

The first in an irregular series of author interviews

Some thoughts on how we can lay the foundations for our stories

Can we use the '3 Act Structure' to help us develop our storytelling?

Tips and tricks to manage appropriate pace in our stories

Tips on using twists and turns to engage with our readers

Some thoughts on developing well-rounded characters

Hints and tips on setting scenes and building worlds

Hints and tips to improve dialogue

Tips about using narrative voice and  points of view as an author

Tips to about outlining versus seat-of-the-pants writing styles

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